Common Forms

Please find below a list of common zoning forms.


How Do I Contact the Zoning Department

Zoning hours are every Wednesday from 6:00pm to 7:00pm at 14228 Galehouse Road, Doylestown. 

Zoning hours will be held in the meeting room for social distancing and we encourage the public to wear a mask.


  • You may contact the Zoning Inspector, Craig Thoricht at 330-351-1050 or you may call the township office at 330-658-2112.
  • Please use the form on the right to contact the zoning department by email.


Zoning Boards Alternate Positions Available

We are looking for interested township residents to serve as alternates on both  Zoning Board of Zoning Appeals and Zoning Commission.

Also, we are looking for a Secretary/Clerk for the Board of Zoning Appeals. (this position is required to keep minutes and to record the vote of each member on each question decided by the Board)

Please submit the employment applications by 12:00 pm on November 15, 2021.

Application of Employment

 Powers of the Township Board of Zoning Appeals

  • To hear and decide an appeal where it is alleged that there is error in any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by an administrative official. (i.e., decision of a zoning inspector to issue or deny a zoning permit)
  • Authorize, upon appeal, a variance from the terms of the zoning resolution.
  • Grant conditional zoning certificates which are provided in the zoning resolution.
  • Revoke an authorized variance or conditional zoning certificate for the extraction of minerals, if any condition of the variance or certificate is violated.

The Board in exercising its owners may reverse or affirm, wholly or in part, or modify an order, requirement, decision, or determination appealed from an make any order requirement, decision, or determination that ought to be made.

Power and Duties of the Township Zoning Commission

The Zoning Commission oversees the development of the initial zoning map and text.  There are two (2) types of amendments that can be made to the Zoning Resolution.

The two types are:

  • Map Amendment – A re-zoning (change) of the use classification of a parcel or parcels of property in the township. ( i.e., Residential to Commercial)
  • Test Amendment – A revision or addition to the text of the zoning resolution without a change of the use classification of a parcel(s) of property on the zoning map.

Both types of changes are initiated an processed for adoption or denial in the same manner.