Chippewa Twp
Fire Department


Our firefighters have at least 136 hours of professional training before they begin service. After the initial training they continue to train every Tuesday night to ensure they are ready when you need them.


Heavy rescue equipment is sometimes essential when getting to trapped people in need. We have a heavy rescue apparatus and hundreds of pieces of equipment to make sure we are prepared for any situation.


Emergency Medical Services are a fundamental part of our Fire Department. We staff 2 personnel at the station daily between 6AM – 10PM. After 10 PM we have on duty crews standing by for any medical calls.


Did you know that our Fire Department also handles business fire safety inspections, school fire drills, home fire safety education, CPR classes, and much more. Most of these services are free to residents.
What does it take to be a firefighter?
Being a firefighter is more than just the willingness to run in to a burning building to protect life and property. It is a dedication to the community. Being willing to sacrifice sleep to help someone in need. The desire to help teach how to stop fire before it starts. Dealing with the emotional stress when things don’t turn out for the best. And above all, being a part of a team that is dedicated to the same goal and working together with each other and our neighboring departments when you need more help.
How many times are you called to help?
We run anywhere between 800-1100 calls per year. Each year it fluctuates, but on average we respond to about 90% EMS calls, 8% Fire Calls, and 2% miscellaneous calls… Yes, even the occasional cat in a tree. 🙂
How do I schedule a CPR Class?
Whether you need a CPR class for personal benefit or for a healthcare career, we can help. Our instructors are certified in all levels of CPR certification. For more details visit our association page at:

Click on the CPR Class Request in the navigation bar.

What type of vehicles do you use?
We currently have 10 apparatus in service at the Fire Department.
2 Ambulances
1 Heavy Rescue
2 Water Tenders
1 Engine
1 Grass Fire Truck
1 General Purpose Pick-up
1 Chief’s Vehicle
How Do I Become A FireFighter?
Stop by our fire station to see what it’s all about. You can pick up an application and meet some of the current firefighters. For general information, fill out the form to the right of this box and ask for information.


2019 Calls –
January – 82
February – 87
March – 99
April – 91
May – 104
June – 98
July – 128
August – 93
September – 76
October – 117
November – 81
December – 81


2018 Calls –
January – 92
February – 77
March – 79
April – 79
May – 87
June – 84
July – 93
August – 123
September – 86
October – 101
November – 98
December – 82

2019 Total Calls – 1163
2018 Total Calls – 1082
2017 Total Calls – 1069
2016 Total Calls – 1084


Visit the Fire Department Association Web-Site!

Joyce Forrer – Chief

Tom Taray – Captain

Matt Youngblood – Captain