Effective October 1, 2015 Kimble Recycling and Disposal Inc. has been contracted by the Chippewa Township Board of Trustees to be the exclusive hauler of trash from residences within the township.
Collection day will remain the same, Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Residents will continue to have a choice of 3 different services;
Full Service (unlimited) Trash Collection – includes a 96 gallon cart at no additional charge. – $13.95 Monthly 96-gallon cart is not mandatory.

Limited Trash Collection – includes a 96 gallon cart at no additional charge. Trash is limited to what will fit in the cart every week. If you have additional bulk items or extra bags, there will be additional charges. – $11.72 Monthly 96-gallon cart is not mandatory.

Bag Service – Residents will purchase “special bags” in rolls of 10 from the township office. Once you buy the bags, simply fill them with trash and place at the curb on Friday. There are no additional bills to pay. Bags are $1.95/$19.50 per roll (10)

Backdoor Service – includes a 96 gallon cart furnished by contractor – $16.00 monthly cost added to trash service fee. 96-gallon cart is not mandatory.

Backdoor Service – includes a cart for handicapped or seniors- no added cost for seniors, or handicapped, with documented physical impairment. 96-gallon cart is not mandatory.

Bulk Item Collection – Resident with the unlimited service can place an unlimited amount of weekly trash at the curb each week. Residents with the Limited Service are limited to the capacity of the 96 gallon cart each week. Any additional bags must be the special bags purchased at the township hall. Large bulky items (couch, table, chair, dresser, etc.) can be placed at the curb with the trash as long as a Bulk Item Sticker has been placed on each item. Individual stickers can be purchased at the Township Hall.


Kimble can be reached at 800-201-0005. They can answer questions regarding charges, payment options, service levels, additional services available to Chippewa Township residents.

There is NO curbside recycling provided with this service. Residents wishing to recycle may continue to utilize the large bins placed in the gravel lot – 14065 Galehouse Road across from the Township Hall.