The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is a proud member of Project Lifesaver International. The program focuses on protecting those in our population who are vulnerable to walking away or wandering off and becoming lost such as those  who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, and Autism, thus putting themselves at great potential physical risk. After an interview process and assessment, the client is fitted with a bracelet containing a battery-operated radio transmitter. The transmitter emits a unique frequency which can be tracked over several miles when deputies respond to the report of the missing person.

When a caregiver calls to report the client missing, deputies respond to quickly locate the individual. As of December of 2022 nearly 4000 rescues have taken place nationwide and lives have been saved with this program, as many clients are found wandering without vital medicine or proper clothing for conditions.

Project Lifesaver saves lives and further serves the community by significantly reducing the need for extensive search and rescue operations that are extremely costly in terms of human and financial resources.

To enroll a loved one or to learn more please complete the form below or download and mail our printable form.

For Questions please contact us at:

(330) 287-5709